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We are not a fight group clan or a cult. We are a family that is

here to help people any way we can. We are not here to fight.

We are here to make the internet a more enjoyable place to be.

Other then the clean family fun we like to have, We are also in to

gaming. We play games like Fiesta online, Cabal online, 

Godswar online, WoW, LoL, And many many more. 

We like to play hard and have fun doing it.


If you think you might like this family and you could

have fun please join us and tells us about your self.


If u like what you hear                                                                                              If not                   

ENTER                                             LEAVE

THis Site Complies With the Rules And Reggs Set Forth by
COPPA and if your under the age of 13 and are applying for membership
to the Of The Night family or website PLEASE Get Your Parrents Permition
First And have them check out the site AND COPPA Rules.
Please Review The COPPA Rules And Regs Befor You Register

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